Dancing On Clouds

Dance on the clouds and among the stars as you take to your first dance as Husband and Wife.
Our dry ice dancing on clouds effect is a guaranteed way to add that wow factor and create beautiful images of your first dance.


Our dancing on clouds effect is completely safe to use in all venues, the rolling clouds stay below your knees and offers the ultimate wow factor.

No risk of setting off alarms

Our dancing on clouds effect utilises dry ice which is heavier than air meaning it hugs the ground and dissipates naturally ensuring that it will not set off smoke alarms in your venue.

Dance on clouds and stars

Couple this effect with our LED dancefloor option and dance among the stars, watch in awe as the clouds twinkle just like the stars!

Pricing & Examples

Book with one of our disco options to get priority booking and a cheaper price!

Booking separately from our disco options

  • Dance on the clouds throughout your first dance (limited to around 5 minutes)
  • Machine + Dry Ice supplied to you and operated by one of our trusted team members
  • Machine + Remaining Dry Ice removed from the venue after the effect has been completed + returned to base.

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