TV Screens & Visuals

Display photos, video, messages and more!

TV screens

Our 42″ LED TV screens are the perfect addition to any party!

We offer the option to display a selection of photos and videos as a slideshow throughout.
We also offer the option to play videos with sound via our PA system - perfect if you’d like to play a feature video to the crowd during a celebration!

Photos we take can be displayed on the screens if you choose to add the screens with our photography or photobooth add-ons.
The images are wirelessly transmitted to the TV screens in just a few seconds!

We also offer the option to display the your Wedding Photos.
If you choose to book our Wedding Photography add-on, we can display a slideshow of your daytime photos throughout the evening.

Other display options

We can display more than just photos and video, why not try one of the following options:

- A live twitter feed with a custom hashtag set - see your guests photos and messages via twitter!
- A live dancefloor video feed - perfect for first dances and for those guests who just want to be on TV!
- Messages and themed background loops
- Slideshows
- Films for Children (e.g. during a wedding breakfast)

“Live video feed during the first dance - overlayed with a love heart video loop, perfect for those guests at the back!”

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