Exclusive Setup

4x moving lights on 4x uplit plinths complete with a suitable sound system as well as a professional DJ booth in your choice of white or black

The Exclusive Setup

This setup is our most popular option!
The exclusive setup includes 4x Moving head lighting effects that project various shapes and colours around the venue whilst sitting on top of 4x Uplit plinths in your choice of colour.
The uplit plinths can be set to a range of colours for the beginning of the event and will change dynamically throughout the night to match the mood of the music.

The entire lighting setup is computer controlled for maximum effectiveness meaning we can spotlight your first dance, your cake or any other feature where possible!
The setup is enhanced by the use of our haze machine if your venue allows. The haze machine enhances the lighting by making the beams visible in mid-air.

This setup also has the option to add our white plinth covers for a small extra, this combination looks stunning with the white startlit DJ booth and a white LED dancefloor.

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