LED Video Wall

Use our giant LED Video Wall to display photos, video, messages, visual effects and more, available as an extra or a "wet hire"

Our LED wall can be made in many sizes up to 5m wide x 3m tall, each panel is 50cm x 50cm so all sorts of configurations can be acheived!

Video Wall

Our giant video wall is the ultimate addition to any party or event.

We offer the option to display a selection of photos and videos as a slideshow throughout.
We also offer the option to play videos with sound via our PA system - perfect if you’d like to play a feature video to the crowd during a celebration!

Photos we take can be displayed on the screens if you choose to add the screens with our photography or photobooth add-ons. The images are wirelessly transmitted to the TV screens in just a few seconds!

We also offer the option to display the your Wedding Photos too, If you choose to book our Wedding Photography add-on, we can display a slideshow of your daytime photos throughout the evening.

Other display options

We can display more than just photos and video, why not try one of the following options:

- A live twitter feed with a custom hashtag set - see your guests photos and messages via twitter!
- A live dancefloor video feed - perfect for first dances and for those guests who just want to be on TV!
- Messages and themed background loops
- Slideshows
- Films for Children (e.g. during a wedding breakfast)

Video Examples

Video example as a DJ Booth:
Video example as 2 separate 2m x 1m video walls:


Our LED Video Wall currently consists of up to 64x  500x500mm LED video panels.
The panels themselves are P4 which means the images looks clean and crisp at a distance of 4m away or more, it also means tells us how close the LEDs in each panel are - in our case they are actually 4.8mm apart!
This allows us to feed a signal into the wall and produce an almost HD quality display at a large size, finer text may be hard to read but larger text looks perfect!

We offer various ways for the wall to be setup either as part of the disco or on it’s own and…. it’s your choice how you’d like it!

Here’s just a few ideas:


1 Small DJ Booth

1x  2m wide by 1m tall wide video wall

Great for putting in front of our DJ booth as a centre piece or hung behind the DJ Setup. 


1 Large Video Wall

In a square - 4m x 4m

In a rectangle - Up to 5m x 3m

This can be great for presentations, pictures, a DJ booth and more


Multiple Medium Video Walls

4x  2m tall by 1m wide video walls

This is great for a mirror image setup, your name and your partners name either side at your wedding and more


Multiple Thin Video Walls

8x  2m tall by 0.5m wide video walls

Great for splitting the setup and giving an ultimate visual approach - great for background videos but not as good for text.


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